My Story

The Start

As any secondary school student whose ambition is to join college of Pharmacy to discover a drug for treatment of certain cases, I started my journey at the faculty of pharmacy MUST university in 2011.

Since first year at college I had a strong desire to develop myself and improve my skill, learn more and more about business, entrepreneurship and investing, So I joined a student activity which is called “Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation EPSF”

The Journey

In 2013 I was responsible for the social media presence of EPSF MUST which was called the Pharmaceutical Association of MUST-PAM back then, So I started learning Social Media Marketing from HP courses. An Idea began to light up in my mind, I was thirsty to know more about the Digital Marketing World, Since then I followed anyone who mentor for social media marketing, Attended workshops and took online courses.

The Decision

In 2015  built my personal brand as a social media marketer, as I was still responsible for the social media presence of EPSF-MUST, I created a team and started to teach my mates what I learn from outside. In summer 2015 I created my first business card trying to start my  freelance journey.

In 2016 an ebook was launched under the name of “The Admin” that got more than 1K download, then I created a page with the same name to teach more friends about social media.

The Career

2017 was the first step in the market, I started the social media marketing career, I was responsible for planning, marketing for a small business, This was the gate I passed from to the world of Digital Marketing, I learnt a lot, gained new relations and decided to shift my career.

In 2018 Trying to satisfy my curiosity in learning new skills I learnt motion graphics, Also created a small portfolio in it,  I took Professional Digital Marketing Diploma at imfnd, which arranged my mind more and more and I decided to be specialized in Content Marketing and ads.

2019 I started working as a SEO content creator at Be Group “Digital Marketing Agency” creating new content for websites and in parallel continuing social media marketing freelance, and La Merca Freelance team digital marketing manager.