Events & Activities

Events and activities that I participated in

“صاحب الصنعة” Event

Hosted By “Mediastaa” at the Greek Campus on February 2023

1st Annual Arab Health Economics Meeting

A member of “Daily medical info” team as being one of the sponsors to the 1st Annual Arab Health Economics meeting on February 2023.

Webinar Talk

I gave a Zoom webinar for more than 120 people on 27th of December 2022, titled “Content Creators Portfolio and How to Create Yours” under the supervision of Mr Abdelrahman Sleem.   View

Advanced Conversion Content Camp

I successfully finished the Advanced Conversion Content Camp, which lasted for two weeks on December 2022. During this program, I had the privilege of learning inventive and imaginative approaches to content writing from my friend and mentor, Abdelrahman Sleem. Additionally, I had the pleasure of connecting with an elite group of industry experts.


“سند لبعض” Initiative

Helping beginners to start content marketing career and helping juniors to build their portfolio.

Check my Linkedin account to know more about the initiative.