Social Media Marketing

No one nowadays denies the importance of social media marketing for promoting their businesses online and growing their audience and then increasing conversions and sales.

Promoting your business on social media is not just a post, a story or a tweet, it became an industry in the last decade with a full marketing plan and strategy; there are many social media agencies in Egypt based on social media marketing only, so How to create a social media plan from A to Z?

How to Create a social media plan?

1- Current situation analysis

Before you start creating your strategy you must know your current situation on social media platforms, current situation analysis includes:
– Knowing your accounts on different platforms
– Knowing the insights for each platform, For example for Facebook, you should know your total page likes, engagement rate, more details about your fans, messages and any other KPIs.
– What is your brand doing now on social media?
– Where is your brand between your competitors? List them and monitor their social media accounts.
– What do your audience think about your brand?
– You should know the trends.
– Know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threads.

2- Know your Objectives

What are your brand goals? You must know your goals before creating your strategy; There are three main goals for your brand:
Brand Awareness
Increasing your social presence, Increasing your audience, Driving traffic to your website, Developing brand loyalty and so on..

Service Awareness
Increasing your audience awareness for your services which will turn them into leads.

Generations leads through different campaigns, Increasing conversions and sales.

3- Know Your Target

Knowing your target is the main part to achieve your brand goals, Creating a buyer persona is the best way to incarnate your customer; Buyer persona is a very detailed representation of your customer including:
– Age
– Location
– Male or Female
– His Interests
– Behaviors
– Goals
– Many other details

You can also divide the market into segments and you should know which segment will buy your product/service.

4- Know your brand voice

Let’s imagine that your brand is a person, Will he be formal or friendly? What’s his main language? What is his personality?
You should know the brand color to take into consideration while designing social media designs or creating videos.

5- Create your content

After following the previous steps, it’s time to create your content, you must create a content that touch your audience, there are many considerations to take while creating content which are:

– Your voice as mentioned above.
– Add call to action at the end.
– Take care of spelling mistakes and punctuation marks.
– If you will add a link, it should be shortened; There are many tools to shorten links.
– Know the purpose of writing this piece of content.
– Content calendar, You should create ideas and create monthly calendars.

Content Marketing is another world of Marketing universe, as the content is the backbone of your brand’s online presence.

6- Tactics

– What is the time frame?
– Posting time and frequency
– Social media monitoring
– Measuring your KPIs

Social media strategy is not “as the book says”, it’s not a specific steps that you must follow, but you should create a strategy that fits your brand.

Since 2017 I have been working as a social media freelancer, I can create social media plans and strategies including analysis, monitoring and listening, content plan and management, In addition to promoting your content with Ads to reach the right audience in the right time.