Content Creation

What is Content Creation?

Content Creation is a process of creating inspirational ideas which are relevant to your target audience, creating content whether written or visual concerning these ideas, then making them so simple and smooth to be presented to your audience in the form of Blogs, Social media posts, Videos, Infographic or any other type of content.

Content strategy

Without a strategic plan for your content you might get into a maze and post content randomly, resulting in not reaching your target audience  group properly, Content strategy involves everything regarding how to post your content to the right people in the right way and at the right time.

Content Strategy steps:

  1. Knowing your content purposes.
  2. Know your customer behavior.
  3. Know your voice and tone.
  4. Choose the best content format for your content.
  5. Set your content calendar.
  6. Promote your content.

What is the process of creating content? 

In our inspiring, large kitchen, The process of cooking content suitable for  your customers’ taste begins, in these steps we start to create the content:


Manually or using tools, We start to do research regarding your audience, knowing their behavior and their thoughts, Then we start to create a buyer persona.

Generating Ideas

After doing some research, a stream of ideas begins to rush out as a result of brainstorming, we filter them and then move to the next step.


ًWith the sense of a creative writer, we start writing the piece of content as your audience want to read.


After the cooking is done, you should add some delicious spices.

Publishing & Analyzing results 

The last step in this process, Publishing the content and measuring the KPIs.

Using My Experience for 3 years and as a field of interest I can create 100% original content with high quality for your marketing campaigns, website and social media.