My Services

Social Media Marketing

As a field of interest I started in 2014 , and my experience as a freelancer for 3 years, you can sit back and watch us making magic

Content Creation

Using my medical background as a pharmacist and content writing skills, I can provide you 100% high quality content with creative ideas

social media Strategy

Creating a fully integrated social media plan for your business.


Writing ad copies


Situation Analysis

Situation Analysis

– Knowing your accounts on different platforms
Knowing the insights for each platform, For example for Facebook, you should know your total page likes, engagement rate, more details about your fans, messages and any other KPIs.
What is your brand doing now on social media?
– Where is your brand between your competitors? List them and monitor their social media accounts.
What do your audience think about your brand?
You should know the trends.
Know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threads.

Social Media Ads

Targeting your potential customers through sponsored ads


Writing an Arabic/English Article

Using my experience to write an SEO friendly Arabic/English article.

Social Media Posts

Informative content & sales copies

Identifying buyer persona

Creating Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona is creating one or more fictional characters in which you visualize all the details about your client, including their age, interests, social class, etc. and thus knowing their needs exactly and knowing your brand voice.