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What is Qaida al noorania and its advantages | Be Quran

What is Qaida al noorania? Arabic language is one of the most common languages and it is ranked as one of the top 6 major languages in the whole world. Arabic is also a very difficult and complex language as it has a different set...

What is Ijaza? & Why is it important and reliable? | Be Quran

Every field of work has a specific certifications that need to be achieved by anyone who wants to start his career in that field, and this certifications refer to how qualified and credible this one is.

Try to be a millionaire - Overthinking

How to become a millionaire is my dream since I was a child, I remember when I was a big dreamer in my early 20s, I challenged my friends to create my first 1 million at 30, I didn't focus on this objective until 27 and that's me now, I am writing this article as a task I challenged myself to do, The task was in "Secrets of the millionaire mind" book, So What is the journey to become a millionaire?

Digital playground

Do you have your own business, activity or need your own personal website; and need to improve your presence online? What's better than a website?,Do you want to optimise your seo services of your website ? In this article we will show you how to set up your website from A to Z in 7 easy steps ..

Motion Graphics - Karim Mahmoud Hamed

Motion graphics is a process of animating elements to create a visual, eye catchy video, which may include movies, trailers, commercials, educational and infographic. The most famous software of motion graphics is Adobe After Effects.


Content Creation - Karim Mahmoud Hamed

Content Creation is a process of creating inspirational ideas which are relevant to your target audience, creating content whether written or visual concerning these ideas, then making them so simple and smooth to be presented to your audience in the form of Blogs, Social media posts, Videos, Infographic or any other type of content.